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Fennell Group Space


Book Up to Two Weeks in Advance


Book Up to Two Weeks in Advance

IAHS Group Space


Book Up to Two Weeks in Advance


  • Group Spaces are for current Mohawk College students ONLY.
  • Group Spaces are for group study, NOT individual study - users studying alone in an unreserved group space area may be asked to give up the space in favor of a group.
  • Only one booking is allowed per group, per day - consecutive bookings by groups cannot be accommodated.
  • Bookings are available for half-hour time slots to a maximum of 2 hours per day per group - the Library reserves the right to delete multiple bookings beyond the first two hours.
  • Bookings are required; you must make a booking every time you use group space.
  • Bookings can be made up to two weeks in advance.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late your booking will be cancelled.


  • Recommended browsers are Chrome and Firefox. If you use IE to access the system, please be advised that some features will not display properly 
  • Keep your confirmation email as proof of booking
  • Cancel any reservation you will not use as soon as possible so that others may book it
  • Include a Group Name when booking so that group members will know which space has been booked

If you need assistance please contact the customer service desk at 905-575-2077 or use our Chat Service.


How many bookings can I make per day?

Group spaces are limited to one (1) booking per day per group from a minimum of thirty (30) minutes up to a maximum of two (2) hours per day.

How far in advance can I book group space?

Group space can be booked up to two (2) weeks in advance.

How do I cancel a booking?

To cancel a booking, open the email that you received and click on the cancellation link.

What if I am running late? For how long will my group space be held?

Group spaces are held for 10 minutes after the time booked - after that, they are open to others for use.

Do you supply laptops and cables for the Media Tables?

The Media Tables located in The Collaboratory are not equipped with laptops or cables. You can borrow them from the Library TECH BAR.

All of the group spaces are booked - now what?

At the Fennell campus, there are 5 spaces in the Learning Support Center (Rm. C122) that can be booked in advance. View the Peer Organized Dedicated Study page for more information. You can also view the WhereEnCampus room information portal to find additional student study spaces at each campus location.